Location & Set

Settling for medium-term periods in the area requires the need for a functional and ready-to-use operational base.

La Broker Project puts it at your complete disposal. Here you will find equipped workstations, meeting rooms and spaces for storing valuable equipment.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Over the last few years, Naples has become the most sought-after location among Italian cities for the world of cinema and audiovisual productions.

The match races of the American's Cup, together with events such as the Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows, have profoundly relaunched the international image of the City of Naples and have attracted hundreds of large productions with a chain effect.

Naples understood as a Metropolitan City, is unfortunately still very lacking in the offer of suitable services for the sector.

In this context, Broker Project & Consulting has chosen to designate part of its assets for the use and consumption of this particular sector.  

In fact, we have the possibility of offering film productions that want to settle in Naples modular packages that include services that can be used in a single structure, such as:

  • PC stations with latest generation machines;
  • Meeting room;
  • Management office;
  • Reception Desk;
  • Secure outdoor parking with electric vehicle charging stations;
  • Covered parking with entrance reserved for offices;
  • Storage rooms for equipment;
  • Rooms to be set up for blue screen shooting;
  • Casting organization;
  • Logistical support for travel;
  • Support for the procurement of cars and motorcycles from the years in which the productions were set;
  • Identification of external locations.