Real estate management

We are at your side to manage your real estate assets…

Our staff specializes in the management of residential, commercial, and hospitality properties and neighborhood facilities.
We are able to offer the best integrated service on the market through the support of expert professionals in the legal, real estate and financial fields.

We work on three main areas

  • The real estate management of assets already leased;
  • The redevelopment of properties with lower profitability than expected;
  • Energy efficiency and reduction of structural costs.

For those who hold medium and large real estate portfolios, managing relationships with the tenants of the lease contracts, recovering monthly payments, and managing relationships with the condominiums in which the properties are located can become particularly complex.

Likewise, it would be costly to hire a resource who is unlikely to have all the necessary skills.

For this reason, the economies of scale that a company has within itself allow us to offer our customers advantageous prices, as well as "turnkey" formulas in which the company itself takes care of relocating properties whose profitability ceases due to the desire of third parts.

Una leggerezza che molti proprietari commettono è legata alla fretta di mettere a reddito il proprio patrimonio.

A rush manifests itself in not taking the time to analyze the coherence of the tenant's business idea with the reference territory or the economic-financial reliability of the same.

Our job will be to relocate the entire portfolio, or part of it, in order to increase the possibility of economic demand in terms of rental fees and identify reliable and structured interlocutors.