Who we are

Broker Project & Consulting is a real estate management and marketing company born in 2022 from the experience of a network of professionals in the sector? The management and operational office is located in the northern area of ​​Naples, precisely in Casoria.

The company was born from the need to bring together different services in a single offer. Broker Project, in fact, aims to satisfy all the needs of its customers, offering a vast range of solutions in the real estate, financial, advertising, judicial, public, and cinematographic fields.

La nostra mission aziendale si basa anche sulla volontà di fornire ai nostri clienti soluzioni ecosostenibili che salvaguardino l’ambiente.

Attention to energy consumption is a duty that we all have towards future generations.

We are in a historical phase where the choice to make one's structures autonomous from an energy point of view is strongly encouraged by European and national policies.

Broker Project, with an eye towards a sustainable future, has decided to make its contribution by creating a solar parking. In fact, customers and employees, outside the company, can take advantage of this innovative and interesting photovoltaic solution for covering outdoor parking spaces, as well as charging stations for electric vehicles.

A real revolution green!

The choice to focus on energy production can also transform what has always been a cost into a continuous source of income through the resale of the electricity produced.

The Broker will be at your side from choosing the best technical solutions to identifying the best financial opportunities to minimize investment costs and maximize economic and environmental profits.